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A.7. Population Served


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B.12. Does your organization have brochures? (If yes, please provide your most recent brochures via email as pdf files. Please mail to the Office of Reentry, if digital copy is not available.)

B.13. May we include your organization in our "Reentry Resource Book"?

B.14. May we include your organization in our online database?

B.15. Does your organization have presenters/trainers available on areas of (if yes, please submit documentation):

employment                  education/vocational        housing                     substance recovery        
mental health, life skills  cognitive skills            other                       

If other presentation/training topics chosen, list here:

B.16. Is the building/office accessible to people with disabilities?

B.17. Service Area (Check all that apply):

Akron-East         Akron-North        Akron-South        Akron-West       
Barberton          Bath               Clinton            Copley           
Cuyahoga Falls     Fairlawn           Green              Hudson           
Lakemore           Macedonia          Mogadore           Munroe Falls     
Northfield         Norton, Peninsula  Richfield          Stow             
Tallmadge          Twinsburg          

B.18. Is your agency located on a bus route?

If yes, which bus route(s)?

B.19. Approximately how many employees do you have?

B.20. Please check/list all accreditations:

B.21. Please list all licensures:

B.22. Please list all affiliations and partner agencies:

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